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Poverty, poaching and trafficking: what are the links?

Author: Duffy, R.; St John, F.A.V.
Year: 2013
Pages: 24 pp.
Document Type(s): PDF 746KB 

A rapid review of academic and grey literature revealed that the links between poverty, poaching and trafficking are under-researched and poorly understood. Yet, the assumption that poaching occurs because of poverty is omnipresent, with little ‘hard evidence’ to support the claim. Despite this, the authors are confident that the links are there, based on the evidence gathered. However, their understandings are hampered by a series of factors: trafficking and poaching are overwhelmingly framed as an issue of conservation/biodiversity loss rather than of poverty and development; it is difficult to collect clear and detailed data on poaching precisely because of its illicit nature; and many of the cases examined are also linked in with conflict zones, making research even more challenging.

Citation: Duffy, R.; St John, F.A.V. Poverty, poaching and trafficking: what are the links? Evidence on Demand, UK (2013) 24 pp. [DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12774/eod_hd059.jun2013.duffy]
Link: http://dx.doi.org/10.12774/eod_hd059.jun2013.duffy
Donor: DFID
Country/Region: Cameroon, Ghana, Zambia
Category: Environment, HelpDesk Reports, Livelihoods
Keywords: conflict, ivory, poaching, policy, poverty, poverty reduction, rhino horn, trafficking