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Learning Resources

Welcome to our online learning and events page. Here you'll find a comprehensive training directory containing listings of useful upcoming courses and events in our key thematic areas. As always, we greatly appreciate your feedback on our service, so if and when you attend an event you discovered through this directory then email enquiries@evidenceondemand.org to let us know. This kind of feedback really does help us to focus the service we offer so do get in touch.

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Engineering overseas - cultural differences towards health, safety and wellbeing, ManchesterCome along to find out how the engineering charity EFOD has raised awareness of Health Safety and Wellbeing issues. Working in sub-Sahara Africa means having to take things back to first principles. There is not the same access to skilled labour, plant and materials which means having to solve problems in different ways, be adaptable and innovative.InfrastructureManchester, United Kingdom13/04/2016Free
From Climate Science to Action: Turn Down the Heat SeriesFrom the series of ‘Turn Down the Heat’, climate change, is the new ‘From Climate Science to Action’ MOOC. Whether you are a policy maker, civil society representative, practitioner or student, this MOOC and its learning resources, activities and social elements will provide you with a strong foundation on understanding the science of climate change and the existing sector-specific strategies to increase resilience and move towards a low-carbon future. Most importantly, you will gain insights into what you can do to avoid a warmer world and hopefully you will be inspired to take effective action. Some of the readings in this course will touch upon current debates regarding what action is needed. You will be invited to reflect on what you...Climate, Environment09/05/2016Free
LEARN: Exchanges & training for agricultural greenhouse gas researchers LEARN is an awards scheme sponsored by the New Zealand Government to build international capability in livestock emissions research. It is part of New Zealand’s support for the Global Research Alliance on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases (GRA). The GRA seeks to increase cooperation and investment in research to help reduce the emissions intensity of agriculture and increase its potential for soil carbon sequestration.Climate, Environment, LivelihoodsNew ZealandVarious
Call for applications: Masters in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, 2016-18The MESPOM Consortium of six universities – Lund University (Sweden), the University of Manchester (UK), Central European University (Hungary), the University of the Aegean (Greece), the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (USA), and the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) – invites applications for the Masters course in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management (MESPOM) for 2016-2018. The two-year Masters programme enables students and early career environmental professionals to respond to complex environmental challenges, especially in an international context. The programme offers interdisciplinary modules delivered by experts of environmental science, policy and management. This includes courses such as ‘Sust...Climate, Environment01/09/2016EU students: 8,000 euro/year. Non-EU students: 16,000 euro/year
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for AdaptationThe course outlines the challenges of adaptation M&E, reviews existing approaches, and presents some methodological approaches for assessing the effectiveness of adaptation, that go beyond the usual focus on outputs. It includes discussion of the TAMD framework and other approaches and frameworks, and recent developments in the measurement of resilience. It addresses the problematic issues of counterfactuals and the ‘normalisation’ of indicators – i.e. how to track the success of development interventions in the face of evolving climate risk contexts that will make the achievement of development goals more difficult. The course draws on experiences of developing M&E frameworks in a number of countries, from national-level frameworks to fra...Climate, LivelihoodsNorwich, United Kingdom17/03/2016£595.00
Climate Change Adaptation & Mainstreaming for Development ProfessionalsThe course provides participants with an understanding of existing and emerging methodologies including climate change screening, climate risk assessment, the identification and selection of adaptation measures, and the evaluation of adaptation. It also gives them an understanding of the wider scientific, policy and funding contexts for adaptation and mainstreaming. Through the training of key individuals, the course seeks to develop the capacity of organisations to design and implement their own climate change mainstreaming and safeguards systems to address climate change risks and opportunities in their operations.Climate, EnvironmentNorwich, United Kingdom14/03/2016£895.00
2 Degree Portfolio analysis with 2° Investment InitiativeDeveloping a pilot framework for a 2°C benchmark for equity portfolios, the 2 Degrees Investment Initiative has been offering confidential equity portfolio checks. Following discussions during the Carbon Foot printing 2015 road show, IIGCC has given 2Dii the much talked about “sample IIGCC portfolio” and invited them to present to the Climate Solutions programme. Join us for a conversation on how to understand portfolio resilience to a 2 degree scenario beyond the carbon footprint. Climate, InfrastructureLondon, United Kingdom04/03/2016N/A
The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal HabitatsThis webinar will be presented by Jen Plunket ofthe North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR, Scott Lerberg of the Chesapeake Bay NERR, and Robin Weber of the Narragansett Bay NERR. Changes in climate affect ecosystems directly and interact with current stressors to impact vital coastal habitats. Adaptive capacity imparted from a system’s natural traits or potential management actions can lessen these impacts. The Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Coastal Habitats (CCVATCH) is a spreadsheet-based decision support tool that utilizes a team of local experts - land managers and researchers - to assess the possible interactions of climate change, stressors, and adaptive capacity to understand the climate vulnerabilities of a habitat. The CCV...Climate, EnvironmentUnited States27/04/2016N/A
The Food-Energy-Water NexusThe conference will be an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in this emerging field field of practice with 1,200 other leaders in science, technology, government, business, civil society, and education to create strategies and initiatives that transform ideas into action.Environment, Infrastructure, LivelihoodsWashington, D.C., United States19/01/2016495
The Civil Engineering Triennial Summit 2015Three global engineering institutions - the Institution of Civil Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering - are coming together, leveraging the combined expertise of 300,000 members to deliver a summit on resilience and growth for the world’s future cities.InfrastructureLondon, United Kingdom09/12/2015327