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Independent evaluation of African Risk Capacity (ARC)

Author: Anon.
Year: 2016
Pages: 1 pp.
Document Type(s): PDF 77KB 

This summary has been produced by Evidence on Demand for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Adaptation Knowledge and Tools programme.

The Adaptation Knowledge and Tools programme is a DFID-funded programme intended to maximise the effectiveness of UK and international investment in climate change adaptation and resilience. The knowledge and tools generated through this programme are expected to promote greater understanding of what constitutes best practice in adaptation, as well as better international cohesion and coordination around adaptation. Through these entry points the programme expects to increase the quality of international and UK adaptation programming and reduce its risk.

African Risk Capacity (ARC) is an African-owned climate risk insurance pool and early response mechanism that is intended to enable participating African governments to insure themselves against drought and respond early when their citizens experience harvest failure. It is an innovative initiative in climate risk management, designed to be highly scalable. Up to now, five African countries are eligible to participate in drought insurance and, in coming years, insurance cover is expected to be extended to other countries and hazards, such as floods and tropical cyclones.

This short note provides a brief outline of the Independent Annual Review of ARC carried out at the end of its first full year of operations, and lists the outputs generated.

Citation: Anon. Independent evaluation of African Risk Capacity (ARC). Evidence on Demand, UK (2016) 1 pp.
Donor: DFID
Country/Region: Africa
Category: Climate, Consultancy Reports, Environment, Evidence Summaries
Keywords: adaptation, climate change, crop losses, drought, external reviews, evaluation, insurance, natural disasters, risk