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Our quarterly eBulletins are packed with news, comment, and links to our newest reports on the big issues in Climate & Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihoods. They feature a round-up of what's happening on the international stage, details of relevant events, and links to useful resources produced by other development organisations.

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PDF icon84KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 10, April 2015Anon.20154 pp.This issue focuses on the 7 new Topic Guides published since the last issue, and the short films which have been produced to accompany the Topic Guides. The Latest Talking Point highlights the Harnessing Hydropower study.agriculture, climate change, energy security, food security, hydroelectric schemes, infrastructure, sustainable development, urbanisation, water securityE-Bulletins15/04/15
PDF icon108KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 9, December 2014Anon.20144 pp.This issue announces the launch of two new topic guides, and the release of the first Evidence on Demand video - an overview of the Topic Guide on Carbon Management of Infrastructure Services. In the latest Talking Point, DFID's Rachel Lambert comments on the release of the first technical brief from The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition.

agriculture, carbon management, climate, conflict, economic growth, environment, infrastructure, nutritionE-Bulletins15/04/15
PDF icon108KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 8, October 2014Anon.20146 pp.This issue announces the publication of two new Topic Guides and the launch of the new e-learning portal.agriculture, ecosystem services, elearning, natural resources, private sector, rural livelihoods, sustainable developmentE-Bulletins15/04/15
PDF icon106KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 7, June 2014Anon.20147 pp.This issue announces the publication of two Topic Guides on water security and economic development, and agricultural productivity in developing countries. Outputs from the consultancy services desk featured in this issue include the Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience (SHEAR) Scoping Study and a draft report on the Options for Agriculture in the 2015 International Climate Change Agreement.agriculture, climate change, early warning systems, economic development, natural disasters, risk assessment, water securityE-Bulletins13/08/14
PDF icon173KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 6, April 2014Anon.20147 pp.This issue highlights the publication of new Topic Guides for each of our cadres, with titles focusing on Land, Blended Finance in Infrastructure, Strategic Environmental Assessments, and Carbon Management of Infrastructure Services. It also features the thought-provoking new reports from our helpdesk, provides links to the latest Consultancy Reports, Climate and Environment Assessments, and announces a DFID Livelihoods Cadre Opportunity.carbon management, financing, infrastructure, land access, land tenure, livelihoods, strategic environmental assessmentE-Bulletins13/08/14
PDF icon130KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 5, December 2013Anon.20137 pp.This issue announces the launch of a new topic guide. It also provides a round-up of recent Helpdesk reports, Climate and Environment Assessments and Consultancy reports, an overview of recent DFID training events, and features some new publications added to the library.agriculture, climate change, elearning, environment, environmental assessment, food security, housing, impact assessment, infrastructure, livelihoods, publications, information sourcesE-Bulletins09/01/14
PDF icon287KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 4, September 2013Anon.20134 pp.This eBulletin provides a round-up of what's new from Evidence on Demand, on the website and around the web, including new helpdesk reports, e-learning opportunities and upcoming events. EoD outputs are now available on the new platforms, Zunia, Eldis and R4D, as well as from the EoD library.climate change ,environment, infrastructure, livelihoodsE-Bulletins18/10/13
PDF icon315KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 3, June 2013Anon.20135 pp.This issue announces the publication of the first Livelihoods Topic Guide - an overview of Agriculture and Growth, and the first Climate and Environment Topic Guide - an overview of Adaptation. It includes Talking Points on sustainable intensification in agriculture and on Strategic Environmental Assessments, as well as the usual round-up of what's new to the Evidence on Demand library; plus a selection of relevant upcoming events.adaptation, agricultural production, agriculture, climate change,economic growth, intensification, sustainability, livelihoods E-Bulletins12/06/13
PDF icon455KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 2, March 2013Anon.20135 pp.This second issue of the Evidence on Demand eBulletin has talking points on food waste and the future of resources (both linked to headline-generating reports now accessible from our library); and a look ahead to the First Global Food Security Conference (details of which can be found in our events directory) - planning for a sustainable future is the big theme of this missive. It also has news and links to web resources.climate change, environment, food security, information sources, infrastructure, livelihoods, sustainabilityE-Bulletins03/04/13
PDF icon463KBEvidence on Demand eBulletin. Issue 1, December 2012Anon.20124 pp.This inaugural issue of the eBulletin introduces you to our brand new website and document library and gives you a flavour of what to expect from future missives.climate change, environment, information sources, infrastructure,livelihoodsE-Bulletins03/04/13