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Rainwater harvesting in Sudan. Final Report, May 2008.

Author: Practical Action Consulting
Year: 2008
Pages: 5 pp.
Document Type(s): PDF 443KB 

This is the response to a DEWPoint helpdesk enquiry about harvesting rainwater from round houses with thatched roofs in Sudan. It looks at previous experience with thatched roofs, how the thatch might affect water quality, perceptions of quality and what kind of guttering is suitable for round houses. This report was produced by DEW Point, a Resource Centre for Environment, Water and Sanitation, that was funded by DFID and managed by a consortium of companies led by Harewelle International Limited. The Resource Centre closed in 2012.

Citation: Practical Action Consulting Rainwater harvesting in Sudan. Final Report, May 2008. DEW Point, Blisworth, UK (2008) 5 pp.
Donor: DFID
Country/Region: Sudan
Category: HelpDesk Reports, Infrastructure
Keywords: buildings, roofs, rain, water harvesting, water quality, thatch, guttering, drinking water